Accountability reflects our trust

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Our mindset makes the difference, we all know that. Our mindset it the key to our success or failer. And again, even if we fail, it is just about next skill - are we able to learn from our previous mistakes? And how do we see the "mistakes"? Could you learn more from? And if, than how? 

Accountability reflects our trust. 

This means taking ownership of your ideas and results bring you much more farther than just perform tasks given you by your manager. We lost the trust in one man-way leadership and management, We see more, we feel more, we absorb everything more organically. We are tired to be just driven by fear and threats, to be motivated by carrot on stock. We are exponencially moving from “Doing” towards “Being”. 

"The first move of leadership is learning to think for yourself." ~Robin Sharma 

With that we transform our values, pronciples. The meaning of hierarchy lost moved towards movement. We are more aware of ourself, we are more aware of the businenss itself. 

"Intrapreneurship" mindset Everything combined, we end up by one person, by you. Your contribution is important, couse you are also a leader! You are the organical part of your organisation, you are responsible at once for the whole and for your unit, does not matter how big it is. You are the business!

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