• Simon Sinek: The purpose is to serve those who serve others

    Inspirational speach from Simon Sinek about his visit in Afganistan. The cost of leadership is the self sacricifice, the selfinterest. "You are not a leader because you own the company, you are even not a leader, because you make tons of money. You are a leader when you decide that the people you serve arwe your employees."

    I would like to share histodays Facebook post: 

    "I spend nearly every single day talking about what it means to live your Why - to live with a sense of purpose, cause or belief. But what happens when we wake up one day without a sense of purpose or cause? What happens when we used to have clarity and it slips away? That is what happened to me about three years ago. But it didn't happen over a career. The feelings were exaggerated so much that it felt like I lived an entire life in just one day. This is what I learned."
    ~Simon Sinek

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