Simple Idea: “Before I Die, I Want To ____________” (TED talk video)

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New Orleans artist Candy Chang is known for her creative and clever and everywhere seen “community projects”, which includes sticking “fill in the blanks” stickers on public spaces to see what people would write. When she turned an abandoned house into a giant blackboard asking her neighborhood to fill in the blanks for “Before I die I want to ______” , their answers turned out to be surprising, emotional and even funny. 

But most of all, it reflected the characters of the community. Watch this 6-minute video of Candy’s presentation at a TED conference and take a moment to fill in the blank “Before I die I want to _______” in the comments section below. What would you want to do?

What is you opinion? What are you most excited about? Share your opinion with others in the comments below the article. 

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